With Hurricane Season underway and possible storms making their way up the Eastern coast, they might impair your plans, we want you to be prepared, now is a good time to address proper hurricane tree care. Hurricane season typically lasts from June 1-November 30. The best way to prepare trees for hurricanes is from the very beginning before you start planting. While the Hudson Valley Region and Northern New Jersey have been known to have a few significant hurricanes pass through, it is nothing compared to places like Connecticut or the Jersey Shore. However, if tree damage is a concern of yours when a hurricane or tropical storm does makes its way through the state, here are a few hurricane tree care tips to keep in mind:

Work with a tree care professional or landscaper to carefully choose trees that are a good option for strong winds and heavy rains.

Choosing trees with strong root systems, trunks, and branches is the best option.

There are certain species of trees that are more wind-resistant than others.

Plant trees away from the house and power lines.

Once trees have established themselves, contact a professional tree company to properly    prune your trees.

Proper pruning will encourage the development of a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches around a central leader. The canopy edge can be thinned, allowing air to pass through freely.

If you feel like there are trees on your property that should be removed because they are already dead, weak, or rotting and fear damage to your property, contact a tree care professional to come out and assess the situation.

Hopefully these hurricane tree care tips will provide some insight before the upcoming storm and the remainder of the 2014 hurricane season.

Here at D & D Tree and Landscaping, Inc., we understand how important trees are but also comprehend the potential dangers they pose to your property when in-climate weather hits. If you need to have any of the trees on your property assessed before taking further action or simply need well-established trees properly pruned, please call us and make an appointment.


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