Steve Delucia: Certified Arborist and President

Steve DeLucia has been landscaping his entire life.  Steve’s grandfather originally began  their company in Scarsdale, NY after emigrating to the United States  from Italy.  The business was eventually taken over from Steve’s grandfather by his father, and subsequently by Steve  himself — making D & D a three-generation, family-owned business.  While Steve is now the President of D & D, he worked with his father, grandfather and two brothers for many years.  His brother Mike is now a medical doctor and Dave is the currently the Director of Parks in Westchester and a licensed landscape architect.  Dave and Steve still work together on many design and build projects.

Steve graduated from Delhi with degrees in conservation & forestry, and horticulture.  He also stays abreast of new products and ideas by attending seminars and trade shows.  He is devoted to using the best materials and equipment to get the jobs done safely and efficiently.

Due to Steve’s lifelong experience and creativity in landscaping and tree work, he should be able to provide you with a good plan and execution for a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Chris DeLucia, Director of Operations

Chris began working with D & D Tree and Landscaping during the summer and winters throughout high school and college. After completing his bachelors in Business Economics at SUNY Oneonta he is now a full time employee mainly overseeing the daily operations at D & D.  He is responsible for making sure the staff at D & D are equipped with the materials needed to complete each specific task. He is learning the ropes and is attending trade shows in order to keep up to date with the newest technology.  Chris is extraordinarily talented and energetic, whether it is managing production, working with the crews, or interacting with customers.  Chris lives in Valley Cottage and graduated from Nyack High School.

Mark Zinck: Chief log truck operator / Head of fleet maintenance

Mark Zinck joined the D & D team in 2011 after moving here from Nova Scotia, Canada. Yes, D & D has an official Canadian lumberjack on staff. Mark starting working in the tree industry at the young age of eighteen, when he started working at Harris Turner Construction and Forest Products Ltd. where he started as logger along with growing and distributing Christmas trees and worked his way up to being the log truck driver and heavy equipment operator.

Mark was happy to bring his 10+ years of forestry experience to D & D. Along with his forestry skills, Mark is very gifted at maintaining and repairing all of the equipment at D & D. Mark lives in Pomona, NY with his wonderful wife Tracy.

Evan Wronski. ISA Certified Arborist, Tree Climber, and Driver

Evan came to D & D via the Berkshires and loves trees!  He graduated from Quabbin Regional HS and went on to be trained in sustainable design and nursing.  Evan joined the military and served in the US Navy in a construction battalion stationed in California, and built bases for 8 months, under fire in Afghanistan.  He always enjoyed working outside under extreme conditions, so he got trained as a bucket truck operator for American Tree Service.  He then joined Arbor Turf & Gardens and apprenticed for two years as a tree climber and was trained in safety, climbing, tree health, and invasive species.  Pruning trees in Boston and Cambridge for Bransfield Tree was where he became an expert specializing in fine pruning of large shade trees, ornamentals, and hazard assessment.  Evan is also certified in the electrical hazard awareness program and is CPR and First Aid trained and certified.  His mother, father, sister and brother live back in the Berkshires.

Paul Dickson, Consultant

Paul grew up in Nyack and attended Nyack High School. With a B.A. from the University of Delaware and an M.P.A. from the Rockefeller College, he worked in D.C., Albany, and Santiago, Chile. Paul was brought to D & D in 2010 to help improve business operational and customer service systems. He has gotten to know countless clients, analyzed their needs and helped D & D plan and provide services to properties in Westchester, Bergen, Rockland and Orange Counties. Remediating environmental impact and providing storm recovery has been a big part of his work at D & D, as Hurricane Irene and the Halloween nor’easter snow storm of 2011, as well as Hurricane Sandy provided a huge challenge for the entire D & D Team. Paul has also become a full time student of arboriculture, horticulture and home improvement. In 2014, Paul and his wife Ashley moved to Bergen County and they are quickly learning the challenges and rewards of successful home improvement and property maintenance.